Putting psychological well-being at the heart of communication, education and practice
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Carolyn and her company, C&C Empathy Training, provide specialised training, conference speaking and consultancy to empower professionals to safeguard well-being and prevent prolonged psychological harm to both service users and staff within complaints and Serious Incidents and in all leadership and communication settings.

The training model, LEED Communications Programme® (Learning Empathy & Emotional Development) has been designed from a multi disciplinary perspective. Director, Carolyn, takes you on a human focused, thought provoking journey, bringing an authenticity to the learning taking place. With staff, as well as patient well-being at its core.

With a strong psychological therapies influence from Carolyn’s counselling and psychology background, staff are supported to understand, develop and apply empathy and their own emotional awareness. Therefore empowering them to recognise, analyse and work with emotional data from patients, families and those using and working within their services, creating the best environment to meet the emotional needs of all involved.

Executive/board level, complaints managers, serious incident teams and front line staff will develop a non-biased, broad understanding to how emotions drive behaviour and learn how understanding and meeting the emotional needs of another can help achieve a safeguarded optimum outcome in often less than optimum circumstances.

With the use of real life scenarios and personal narratives, the training and consultancy delivers credibility through developing how to challenge thinking and communicate with care and compassion. Organisations can work to promote psychological well- being and long term cultural change in line with government, CQC, Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman and Healthwatch England’s directives.

Want to know more about A Journey Through Complaints Using Empathy, watch this video. Next regional day with places available - 5th December, 2017 or the 14th March, 2018, Milton Keynes To enquire call Carolyn on 07951 798949


As an established speaker, Carolyn also delivers motivational and inspirational speaking, in many sectors, on overcoming diversity, digging deep and not losing that happiness and sense of meaning in life.

Email her on carolyn@cc-et.co.uk to discuss further.

"Throughout a twenty year career in handling difficult conversations I have never felt as inspired as I did hearing Carolyn speak. Her ability to create an environment where we can fully understand the power of empathy and its effects on both us and our service users is both exceptional and important in equal measure. The perspective, understanding and skills I have gained from this training will be used to enhance our organisational approach to handling difficult conversations and improve how we respond to the emotional needs of our users. Carolyn's training combines significant professional and academic expertise with a truly delightful personality set against the backdrop of heart breaking tragedy. I feel confident in saying that we can all learn something deeply important from her both professionally and personally. I am incredibly grateful to have crossed her path." Keir Gill, Senior Manager, Compliance and Improvement. Arts Council England. (January 2017)


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